Monday, January 22, 2007

ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby

This is one of my favorite scenes from Groundhog Day where Phil is repeating the same day over and over and he stops caring about everything and even tries to kill himself many times. Rita meets him at this diner where he is stuffing himself with just about everything possible-pancakes, pastries, milkshakes, donuts, coffee, etc.

RITA: Don't you worry about Cholesterol, Lung cancer, love handles?
PHIL: I don't worry about anything anymore.
RITA: What makes you so special? Everyone worries.
PHIL: That's exactly what makes me so special. I don't even have to floss.

After trying various sugar substitutes, I've decided that you can't really replace the real thing. With years of sugar-tasting experience under my belt, I can't pretend to be satistfied with "just as good as the real thing and better for you" gimmicks. Sometimes honey does a pretty good job, but not in cookies. We haven't cooked with sugar for a couple weeks now, and I'm finding myself wanting to eat the brown sugar straight out of the bag. So I would say sugar is definitely an addiction, what do you think?

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errol said...

2 things:

1. there's nothing wrong with eating brown sugar straight out of the bag.

2. there's also no substitute for a great bill murray comedy.