Thursday, April 5, 2007

coconut cravings

I feel like we have to bake things with coconut in them at Easter time.

We made chewy coconut cookies from They were really good I thought, but would be even better if we had dipped them halfway in some melted chocolate. So after trying these, I thought they weren't coconutty enough for my current craving, so I think we will try these next from

Other coconutty options:

bills coconut bread from the baking sheet

coconut cheesecake from my husband cooks. This looks awesome! And they used girl scout cookie crust.

Also from my husband cooks, just because they look so good, blueberry and meyer lemon cupcakes

Anyone have any good recipes using coconut? I'm going to need them.

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nora lee said...

hey that should be the name of my blog, "my husband cooks" -- people are always baffled when they come over for dinner and he, not I, made it. get over it people!