Wednesday, May 2, 2007

room for dessert?

This chocolate eclair dessert from was pretty tasty, surprisingly. Everyone loved it and wanted more. We found that the longer you let it refrigerate, the better it tastes. The graham crackers get soft and it actually tastes more eclaire-like. Also, you could make this with chocolate pudding or chocolate graham crackers. If you're like me and think that frosting is yucky, you can leave it off. Kids can help make it as well. Daisy had fun helping me.

I also made my sister's turkey and green chile enchiladas (posted below). They were fabulous! I used chicken in place of turkey. HF took one pan to work with him and it was a hit, so if you are interested, my sister would love more feedback.

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nora lee said...

I grew up eating that dessert. We call it "graham cracker cake" and I always thought my mom invented it. A family favorite!