Tuesday, November 6, 2007

worst meal EVER

I love to cook. I love trying new things all the time. When HF and I were dating, I was made aware that he was not accustomed to homemade foods so much. He ate a lot of boxed foods and processed foods growing up, so I was excited to introduce him to an exciting new world of real food. And I thought it couldn't hurt to further dazzle him with some more of my mad skillz.

Using the ingredients I had on hand, I decided to make him some kind of a crustless quiche. This is the first meal ever I made for him other than a sandwich. I'd never made this before, or any time since then. I followed the instructions precisely, poured everything into a cheap metal-like baking dish and stuck it in the oven. When it was ready, I served HF a nice giant slice of this quiche, and waited for his reaction. He didn't swoon or make any pleased sounds like Bob on What About Bob. In fact, I couldn't read his expression at all. He was expressionless. After he ate the entire serving, and helped himself to another, I asked him to be honest and tell me what he thought. He was quiet for a while then he said, hesitantly, "It was really, really bad." I was shocked. So I tried some. And you know what it tasted like? METAL. I don't know what kind of flimsy metal pan this was, or if it was even metal at all, but it's like the cheap metal coating had baked into the eggs. It was like eating pure metal . It was so bad I gagged and spit it out and somehow he had managed to eat his hefty portion of it just to please me. I told him never to do that and to always tell me what he thinks. It was so gross, but it further proved to me how kind and considerate he was.

I can only think of a couple other times where he was pretty grossed out by my food. I made cream of caulifower soup. He has issues with cauliflower not remaining in its original form. If I hadn't told him it was cauliflower he would've gladly eaten it, thinking it was potato or something. The other was a roast. I don't know what his deal is. He's like the only guy that doesn't like roasts.

I have a friend who made french toast for her husband. This was the first time he tried some of her cooking. Instead of sprinkling cinnamon on it, she unknowingly sprinkled cayenne pepper. He thought it was some kind of a joke, but he ate ever single last bite and didn't mention it to her for a long time. She had no idea that it wasn't cinnamon.

What's the first thing you ever made for your spouse? How did it go? If it went over well, have you made anything that was disgusting?

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nora lee said...

the first thing i remember making for errol was italian chicken. it was done before he got to my house, so I turned the oven off and left it in there to stay warm. smart. very smart. needless to say it was bone dry by the time we ate it. i was pretty disappointed. i can't remember if he ate it or not.