Friday, April 17, 2009

dessert in a hurry II

My 3 year old, Luke, showed up with a hungry dinosaur. I love these pictures.

I can't remember the original source where I got this idea, but apparently there's a restaurant that made these famous. They call them Pazookies. It's half baked cookies, taken out early so that they are still gooey inside. They are usually made in a pie tin and then sliced into pie slices and topped with ice cream and fudge or caramel or both.

For this version, I put chocolate chip cookie dough in ramekins and baked them for 10 minutes or so at 350 degrees until the top was turning golden and crispy. We didn't put ice cream or toppings on ours. We just ate it as is. But next time we might try it that way. It would make it look like a fancy dessert that took a lot of time to prepare for sure in these little ramekins. But we had fun eating our fancy cookies with spoons.


kd said...

was the pazookie from BJ's or California Pizza Kitchen? I've heard of it before but can't place the restaurant... gee, WHO CARES?!? This is making my mouth water. :) Thanks Mrs. Fuzz.

mrs. fuzz said...

You know, I think it is BJ's. I've never heard of the place or been to one, but i think that's the place that made it famous. Is it like a Denny's?

Texas Ghostrider said...