Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a compromise

I was at Sam's Club and saw this Le Creuset lookalike cast iron enameled pot for $38.72. HF knows that I want the collection seen here at Williams Sonoma for over $1000! And that's the sale price! That does seem kind of crazy to spend that much for a set of pots, but they are lifetime guaranteed! Anyway, this pot at Sam's Club is over 6.5 quarts and it is also lifetime guaranteed and only a fraction of the cost of a le creuset one. This same pot size in the le creuset is over $300. But I do love the variety of colors to choose from in the le creuset. *sigh* HF knows I want this pot and I think he will be going to Sam's to get it. I read on one of the reviews that the enamel on the outside chips and gets darker with use. I didn't know that. But it works so well and is lifetime guaranteed, so I think that a pot losing it's shining beauty with use is okay.
Oh, and I also want one of these. We used to have the old fashioned one that you place on the stove top and turn the handle, but I remember my parents using an air popper. We have decided to stop buying microwave popcorn and get back to basics for a number of reasons. Cost, taste, chemical makeup, variety of flavor options, fun to use with the kids, etc. And these are around $20 or so. This one pictured above is by Presto.


KD said...

I had the same dilemma about the cast iron look-alike.... and ended up with the look-alike, although for more than $38.72. ;) I bought the Martha Stewart one from Macy's when it was on sale + coupon, so it was around $50 or $60 I believe. I use it all the time and I love it. I'm really glad I bought it and didn't hold out for the Le Creuset.

As for the pop corn popper, I TOTALLY support your desire to ditch the microwave popcorn! The thought of all those chemicals just makes my stomach turn. :O I got our air popper from freecycle! The kids *LOVE* it.

Rebecca said...

Oh!!! We have an air popcorn popper just like that one pictured. I can't say how much I love it. I'm a popcorn junkie for sure. I hope you get one and end up loving it just as much! Pop Pop Pop!