Friday, September 7, 2007

ice cream

I can't find our ice cream machine. And there's never a better time than summer time to make homemade ice cream. One of the best presents I got for our wedding was an ice cream maker and the recipe for peppermint ice cream. So good.

My mom only made a citrus one that had pineapple chunks and various juices in it and I remember gagging whenever I tried it. So I am excited to find ones that I do love.

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from Simply Recipes. I LOVE the fact that she uses mint leaves to flavor the ice cream and not the artificial flavoring. Makes such a difference in the taste. She also has a link at the end of the recipe to make ice cream without using a machine. Tips from a chocolate/dessert pro, David Lebovitz. He also has some amazing dessert recipes on his site as well like Salted Butter Caramel ice cream. Pretty cool stuff.

Ice cream in a bag at Kaboose. Fun for kids to make.

Fresh Strawberry ice cream at the food network. I like that this uses a vanilla bean. Another taste difference that I appreciate.

Vanilla Bean ice cream and Chocolate ice cream from the food network.

And from my husband cooks, Blackberry ice cream and Uneven Pavement ice cream.


nora lee said... cream. what can i say? you know how i love ice cream.

nora lee said...

We watched an awesome documentary on PBS about ice cream the other night. It highlighted great little ice cream shops around the country. If you're ever in Ohio (Yellow Springs) I recommend Young's Dairy Farm. And if you're ever in AZ (Phoenix) I recommend the Gelato Spot.