Thursday, September 27, 2007

mystery of the day

I kind of have a weird hobby that no one knows about. I like to go to old used bookstores and get really old recipe books from long ago, or from church organizations, family cookbooks, you name it. I don't really know why. Anyway, this recipe is from a book I got called Recipes With A History from the Mason Street School in San Diego.

Elephant Stew

1 medium elephant
2 rabbits
salt and pepper

Cut elephant meat into bite-size pieces (this will take 2 months). Flour the pieces; salt and pepper to taste and water to make brown gravy. Cook over kerosene fire for about 4 weeks, 450°. This serves 3,812 persons. If more expected, add the rabbits (only if necessary, however, as most people don't like to find hare in their stew).


After I got over my initial confusion, the first thing I thought was that some nerd cook included this recipe for a "chuckle". They could've at least put it in a "food humor" section of the cookbook so people like me wouldn't be so weirded out and confused. Does anyone think this is funny? Maybe I'll start putting it in to a group recipe compilation every time I have the opportunity.


nora lee said...

i've seen that one somewhere before. ha. no, it's not funny.

Britton said...

I have seen that in almost every home made cook book that I've seen. I don't quite understand why it's there. Yeah... It's a little strange.