Monday, December 31, 2007

i promise. it's not your food.

The other night I made Southwest Chicken Soup from Real Simple magazine. It was really good, not a whole lot different from the White Chili recipe from Simply Recipes. It seriously just took a few minutes to make. I highly recommend this recipe.

Anyway, HF sat down to eat and ate a bowl of this soup and an orange and just when he took his last bite of orange, he gagged, leaned over the bowl and threw up in his bowl. Immediately, he looks up at me and Daisy, who are staring on in shock, and says, "I promise it's not your food. It's me." Then he proceeded to continue to gag and dry heave and/or vomit into his bowl at the dinner table. It was totally weird. Finally, I said, "Could you finish doing this in the bathroom?" Once I got over being really weirded out/worried, I thought it was hilarious. He has quite a history of vomiting/gagging. I've chronicled many of those stories here before. The best was when we were at someone's house. They aren't the cleanest people. HF was having a hard time eating with ease and when he began sipping water out of his glass, he saw what appeared to be dirt at the bottom of the glass. He set the glass down, excused himself to the bathroom in a hurry, and dry heaved in the bathroom for a few minutes and then came back out as though nothing had happened at all.

What's wrong with my poor husband?

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Stephanie said...

That really made me laugh! Poor guy, I guess he can empathize with a lot of pregnant women...