Saturday, September 19, 2009

more bento (#10-14)

I repeat a lot of what I put in these. Especially now, during the summer when we have vegetables coming out of our ears from the garden. So grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots are pretty much always in here.

This bento is a little more adventurous than usual. I've got the usual tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots in the middle. On the left, those balls are what's called, Arancini, an Italian food consisting of risotto rice with mozzarella in the middle, covered in bread crumbs, and fried until golden brown. On the right are Banana Bites, chunks of banana covered in melting chocolate and rolled in sprinkles. Both the Arancini and the banana recipes were found in a children's cookbook by Annabel Karmel.
mini waffles, strawberries, mozzarrella cheese chunks on cute little animal picks, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers.
daddy bento: Arancini, cucumber, cheese, grape tomatoes, banan bread, strawberries, a mixture of cheddar bunnies, almonds, and pretzels, and some little Hershey's Hugs.
As you can see, I just use a regular Rubbermaid container for his bentos. It works perfectly.
another daddy bento: leftover roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, the same cheddar bunny mixture with almonds and pretzels, tomatoes, grapes, cheese, and some Ritter Sport chocolate with almonds.
grapes, Annies Cheddar Bunnies, banana bread slice, cheese, grape tomatoes, and a tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread, cut into fish shape with mini chocolate chip for eye, and pretzel piece for smile. Well, kind of smile.


KD said...

awesome! Great ideas. My friend just introduced me to this site and although not Bento, still hilariously fun:

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,

Your bentos are very cute and original, but I miss your recipes! I've made your sweet and sour chicken (Delicious!) your chicken rolls (Awesome!) The Avacodo eggs rolls (YUM!), your sweet chili meatballs (Scrumptious!) and I now serve pepper jelly and cream cheese whenever we have company (if I haven't eaten it already by the time they get there!). So, Mrs. Fuzz, how about some more recipes? You have every reason to be proud of your bentos, but I need some yummy recipes! So come on, tell us, what's for dinner? :-)

Many best wishes,

LOUDnPROUD said...

I finally found containers with sections and will probably be packing my bento's next week.this week the hub is in training.I'll take pics and post when i make them.thanks for the great ideas!

mrs. fuzz said...

KD- thanks for the link. Those are the cutest!

Susan- thanks for your kind words! It's funny you mentioned it, because tonight I will be uploading a bunch of recipes. They are mostly dealing with the produce from our garden, but still! It's something, right? I'm glad you've found some recipes that you liked. You'll have to let me know if there's anything else you like or DON'T like. :)

LnP- I am seriously looking forward to seeing what you do for your hubby's bentos. I'm always looking for ideas.

Connie K said...

This is great !i Love all your ideas for lunchs everything looks so yummy i have a 5 year old and im going to try this for his lunch Thanks for the inspiration !! great blog too ! Im a new follower so going to take a look around :)