Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bentos 29-32

bento 29:  Ritz crackers with squares of Gouda and Havarti with dill cheeses, olives, carrots, turkey skewered, applesauce with a shake of sprinkles on top for fun, and a chocolate cinnamon bear.

bento 30:  HF's bento- banana cut in half, mini carrots, olives, a spinach salad with toasted sesame seeds, craisins, and roasted almond slivers with a little container of poppyseed dressing, and cocktail sausages.

bento 31:  carrots, strawberry yogurt, pulled chicken, clementine orange, craisins and cheerios mix, and a mini dark chocolate 3 musketeers with mint.

bento 32:  I don't know why sometimes the pictures turn this way. Just cock your head to the right to see it properly. This one has mini spinach quiches, mini pretzels, grape tomatoes, apple slices, and strawberry yogurt.

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Connie K said...

Wow everything made looks great all put together !! i really want to start making these !!