Saturday, January 30, 2010

nuts & bolts mix


This idea for the nuts & bolts came from Wendolonia's robot party ideas. She also has the adorable bag topper template to print off. Nuts & Bolts is essentially what Chex Mix is. It is apparently the preferred name for Chex mix in the South. I had never heard of it until recently, but it's the perfect name for a robot party treat! There are probably hundreds of ways to preparing this, but I kept it simple, and did no baking or adding of spices and butter.

Chocolate Chex cereal
Honey nut Cheerios cereal
Pretzel sticks

In a large bowl, combine desired amounts of each ingredient. I started by emptying half the box of Chex into the bowl. Then I added a little less than half the box of Cheerios. I added 2-3 cups of the pretzels and about half of a large bag of m&ms. I wanted it to be sweet and chocolaty. I put about 2 cups into each treat bag. The treat bags I got at a craft store in the cake decorating aisle. Then I topped each bag with a robot bag topper and voila! It was ready to go. The kids gobbled them up and asked for more to take home.

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