Tuesday, March 23, 2010

menu plan monday: week of march 22nd

Good grief this week isn't even halfway over and it's insane already. I just discovered that I washed a diaper with my last load of laundry. Not only was the cloth part of the diaper shredded and covering all of my darks like a thick blanket of lint, but the gel stuff that is inside the diaper, was EVERYWHERE. I've never seen anything like it. Little gel balls that mush when you touch them, yet stay sprinkled all over and stick to the clothes and the washing machine. I just finished cleaning it up and am hoping that another cycle will clean it up. Then tomorrow I've got friends coming over, daughter's birthday on Thursday and am taking treats to her class, and then parent/teacher conference after school. Friday is her birthday party with 7 other little girls at our house, and I can go on and on! But I'm going to post my weekly menu plan instead. This week we will be using what's already in our fridge, freezer, and cupboards to make our meals. No trips to the store until the weekend!

spinach lasagna rolls (this time I made it the traditional layering method. I used fresh spinach, and dumped a jar of Newman's Own Marinara sauce over the top of everything. I also just layered the lasagna noodles without cooking them first. I threw it together in about 5 minutes and then cooked it for 40 minutes. It was delicious.)

smorgasbord: vanilla yogurt with granola and diced up fruit with whole wheat quesadillas and raw veggies

slow cooker chicken and apple curry with naan (recipes to come)

Daisy's birthday dinner. She still hasn't told us what she wants.

pizza night



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MONICA-LnP said...

I love your menu's,THANKS for making my life easier!!!