Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine bentos

Daisy's school bento: (bottom) heart-shaped sandwich with strawberry preserves (it fit perfectly on the little tray under the lid), strawberry fruit leather hearts. (top) carrot coins in flower shape, silicone heart with pistachios, silicone heart with jumbo olives and a little panda pick, a quarter of a fuji apple with checkered pattern cut out. I put a little baran (bento grass) to separate the apple from the strawberry pocky sticks that you can't really see in the picture. I put a bundle of 8 with a little ribbon for her dessert.
 At home bento for the boys: they are identical. heart shaped turkey and cheese sandwich, pecan sandie on top, cluster of grapes, heart shaped strawberries, and olives on picks.

Bento for daddy: heart shaped turkey and cheese sandwich, pecan sandies, olives, pistachios, strawberries and grapes. Simple, yet it did the job for a Valentine's lunch.


KD said...

I'm not really up on all the bento knick knacks, so... please tell me you did not cut that checkerboard apple by hand?!!? There is some fancy tool... right??!!

If there isn't, then i definitely FAIL at the mom of the year award.

mrs. fuzz said...

All by hand, baby!!

Handcuffed Heart said...

Ok..... I lose. You win. Wow!