Monday, June 1, 2009

back to menu planning

I'm starting menu plan monday again. It was working well for me in planning and budgeting and then I stopped. I've been thinking how I want to do our weekly meals and I am basically doing it with the kids in mind. You know, making it fun and/or more interesting. HF and I basically follow the Body for Life program and most of it is kid friendly. Instead of giving them protein bars and shakes though, we give them the snacks from the Eating for Life cookbook. Like string cheese and apples. Sunday is our free day. A day I plan on eating sugar. Lots of it. Supposedly when you are in tip top shape you don't crave it anymore. I'm not so sure about that.

Monday: muffin tin monday (idea here. Love the idea of using a storybook theme. Princess and the Pea and The Hungry Hungry Catepillar)

Tuesday: Pasta

Wednesday: miniature tuesday (normal food just made miniature; hamburgers, sandwiches, meatloaves, quiches, etc.-everything tiny-kind of like muffin tin Monday I guess)

Thursday: Brinner (breakfast for dinner)

Friday: Pizza and movie night

Saturday: Leftovers or crockpot

Sunday: Try a new recipe

Also on Sundays, I prep the entire week's food so that during the week dinner takes moments to prepare instead of hours. This works well for us. MEAL PLANNING IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!

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