Sunday, November 8, 2009

birthday cupcakes

I could not come up with a birthday cake idea for my son's first birthday on Halloween. I had romantic ideas of what I would do, but reality hit. HF was out of state the whole week and I was tired and busy. On the way to a Halloween party for the kids, I had a light bulb moment. I should go to a fancy cupcake bakery and get assorted cupcakes for the next day's birthday celebration!

If you are looking at the above picture and thinking that something is not quite right, you are right! When I got home, I accidentally dropped the box upside down and the cupcakes tumbled around the box and got a little smooshed and well, a little less than perfect. It was kind of sad. I fixed them up the best I could and I think they still look pretty great. They tasted fantastic. HF loved them and had no idea that cupcakes could even be this gourmet. The flavors in this box were pumpkin chocolate chip, strawberry shortcake (one of my faves), Vanilla (this one was given to the 1 year old with a candle instead of the cherry), Chocolate and Peanut Butter (my other fave-the pb frosting was astounding!), New York Cheesecake, and Key Lime. For my daughter's 7th birthday in March, I am inspired by Whitaker Woman's ballerina party and I just might have to special order ballerina cupcakes from this place.

Birthday party inspiration for Luke's 4th birthday: Wendolonia's Robot party, except I want to make or buy these Martha Stewart Robot cupcakes.


KD said...

woah, craziness! I love those Whittaker blogs too!! :O The blog world really is a small world....

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Awesome. Seriously.