Monday, November 30, 2009

food related t-shirts i adore

Check out these food related t-shirts from These were some of my favorites.

"Milk Moustache"
"Pancakes Mountain"
"Food Chain". If you can't see it very well, it's a zombie on top of the food chain.
"Cheesy Friends Forever"
"Playin' in the Sprinkler"
"Cookie Loves Milk"
"I took a bite out of crime. . ."
I don't remember what this one is called, and it's from a while back, but I couldn't find it anywhere on their website. That makes me sad, because I really loved this one enough to buy it.

They sell these in little kids sizes too and onesies. I thought the "cookie loves milk" would be so cute as a onesie on our little guy.

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Le Wife said...

Those are so cute! I went to the website and I loved the sushi one, but they are out of stock :(