Thursday, November 12, 2009

kitchen wish list part I

(click on image for more details)
Le Creuset 12-piece Cookware set at Williams-Sonoma

set of biscuit cutters at Williams-Sonoma

Cook's Illustrated or Cook's Country magazine subscription
Apple Pocket Pie Mold at Williams-Sonoma. They also have heart and star shapes.

Can you tell that I love Williams-Sonoma?


Anonymous said...

I can definitely relate to wanting kitchen stuff! It's SO handy when you cook/bake/fry, etc as much as we do! Love your blogs!

Connie K said...

I love William too!! and i have the mandolin and love it you can do so many things with it ! and i to want the pans too! Nice list

KD said...

You are my kind of lady. :) Did you know that Cook's Illustrated (and I'm thinking cook's Country too) have "annuals" ? It's like a big cookbook and it's all of their issues from the year. Easier to keep track of those than individual magazines, but not as exciting every month.