Sunday, February 7, 2010

menu plan monday

Right now I'm pretty proud of myself for coming up with a weekly menu plan. I see a lot of people include the other meals for the day in their plan. I'm definitely not there yet. My goal is to eventually add breakfast, lunch, snacks, and whatever desserts we might have for the week to mpm.I've been using a blank calendar (I got a set of 2 at the dollar store) to fill in dinners. I have almost the whole month of February complete. Here's my plan for the week of February 8th (click here to see more menu plans at org junkie):

Monday:  Take out: PF Changs (gift card from Christmas)

Tuesday:  Cream of Broccoli Soup and crusty bread 

Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas. Fruit kabobs (kebabs?) for dessert

Thursday:  Slug Salad (from the Happy Medic)

Friday:  Pizza night- homemade individual pizzas on english muffins. Serve with lettuce wedge and dressing

Saturday:  BLTs on wheat with avocado and sprouts. Serve with chips and/or veggies & dip.    

Sunday:  Fish n Chips  or this one here. Both look good, but I'm liking the idea of the sweet potato fries.


Joy said...

I plan on becoming so organized, but not starting til this summer. Thanks for the inspiration!

I drink spinach smoothies all the time, too!

Pam Landy said...

I think I just realized why I like your blogs so much...

Your writing is on point, of course, but I really really like the clean design of both your blogs. Easy to read, easy to find and read the text. It's as though you collaborated with Real Simple and Edward Tufte.

Loves it!