Thursday, July 29, 2010

bentos 77 & 78

These photos turned when I uploaded them. Oh well. These bentos are definitely similar as you can see.
Bento 77 on top:  cucumber coins, a plain mini chocoloate cupcake, mozzarella cheese chunks, 1/2 of a banana, and rice and bean chips.

Bento 78: cucumber slices, monterey jack cheese chunks, a mini pb and chocolate cupcake for dessert, 1/2 of a banana, rice and bean chips, and a almond granola bar.

In other food news this week: I have been baking batch after batch after batch of chocolate cupcakes and peanut butter frosting. I'm trying to come up with the perfect recipe. So far I've found the perfect cake. It's a dark chocolate fudge. The pb frosting I am not happy with yet. Last night's version came out more like a fondant. It was basically a peanut butter cup in cupcake form. So far the peanut butter frosting recipe I posted is the best so far. My reason for so much baking is I want to own my own bakery someday and I need "perfect" recipes, you know? HF takes them to work so other officers and dispatchers can taste test them. They aren't much help. Each batch gets a "these are the best cupcakes ever!" result. I enjoy making their tastebuds happy however.

Also, I've been spring cleaning my kitchen. Reorganizing cupboards, getting rid of things I no longer use, organizing recipe binders, and menu planning.

We are beginning to harvest our garden and do lots of weeding. I will take pics soon so you can see our humble garden.

And lastly, my almost 2 year old son has been wreaking havoc around the house. I found dark brown food handprints going down the stairs to the basement one day, and the next it was Tapatio handprints, including nice thick smears on the carpet steps. In an effort to exert his independence, he refuses to be uncivilized any longer and demands a fork or a spoon when he eats. I would say he gets about 10% of the food in his mouth. He has also excelled in climbing. His newest discovery is the bathroom cabinet above the toilet. He can climb up there and explore inside the cabinets. He discovered that he does not like the taste of deodorant, but he does enjoy exchanging toys for toiletries. This morning I found a zhu zhu pet inside in exchange for q-tips. While this is the stuff memories are made of, my days are filled with very messy cleanups and laundry as you can imagine. But he does get an A for effort.


KD said...

Sounds just like my life, though I haven't had the tapatio handprints at my house (yet). :) Just lots of crayon, pen, and pencil on the walls.

Let's open a bakery together!! I'd really like to open a cafe which would be perfect with your bakery. Although... my dad always said it would be better to open a bar than a coffee house since you make more money per patron at a bar! ha ha. Not sure I could morally go along with the whole bar idea but I see his point. lol.

mrs. fuzz said...

My SIL is opening up a coffee house in Camarillo next month. It will probably be successful like everything she does. If I lived nearby I would love to bake for it. She is using local and organic people for the treats and other food.

Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,
I meant to write earlier. I am so excited about your ambition to run a bakery. I can definitely see this for you.

I love bakery items and even when dieting I incorporate them in. No sense going against the grain!

Ann T.

Ashlae said...

Look at my most recent post! You could also substitute butter for the oil - but I wanted a dairy-free version because of my intolerance.