Monday, July 12, 2010

mpm: week of July 12th

for more menu ideas go to MPM at orgjunkie

MONDAY  Beef with Broccoli :: rice :: cantaloupe

TUESDAY  brinner:  whole wheat pancakes :: sausage :: eggs :: orange juice

WEDNESDAY  chicken teriyaki burgers with grilled pineapple :: sweet potato fries

THURSDAY  attending a potluck BBQ

FRIDAY  pita pizzas :: salad people (I got this book from the library and they have great ideas for making people out of fruits and veggies for the kids to eat)

SATURDAY  leftovers day

SUNDAY  crockpot tamales


Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,
You know, I think I want to do this. I have never planned a week of menus in my life, but now that I am eating alone, I have to figure out how to further improve my grocery shopping.

I have cut down on amounts of everything, of course, but the truth is if I buy ham, I am eating ham for a week.

I checked out the site. Any other tips?

Ann T.

mrs. fuzz said...

Hmmm. We have a cooking for two cookbook, and I notice that many healthy recipes online such as weight watchers will do a lot of single serving recipes. I do those a lot.

Other than that, you could continue to cook larger portions of food and freeze them? Then you don't have to suffer all week with ham everyday? :)

I think it would be great to see a menu that's tailored for one. I have yet to figure out the right amounts of food myself. My 4 year old eats enough for all of us each day. My weekly plan doesn't allot for his adventures in eating. He will eat us out of house and home one of these days.