Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mpm: week of January 10th

for more menu ideas or to submit your own go to orgjunkie.com

Our menu is an interesting one this week. We are making lots of Star Wars Cookbook recipes much to the obsessed 4 year old's begging. We are also trying out a few recipes from another children's cookbook, Around the World Cookbook. These experiements are on days Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. We eat a lot of the same things for breakfast and lunch each day, but I included all the meals and snacks for each day this time.

b:  bran cereal :: milk :: orange juice 
l:   crackers :: cheese :: apples :: carrot sticks
d:  sweet and sour chicken :: brown rice :: broccoli

snacks & desserts:  popcorn :: yogurt

b:  toast with jam :: orange juice or almond milk
l:   pb & j sandwiches :: popeye smoothies
d:  pizza (amazing deal on local gourmet pizzas) :: cucumber coins :: baby carrots :: ranch dressing dip

snacks & desserts:  raisins :: mini marshmallows :: Anzac Biscuits

b:  steel-cut oats with apples and pecans :: almond milk or orange juice
l:   leftover pizza :: celery sticks :: ice water
d:  BBQ chicken salad (recipe to come)

snacks & desserts:  frozen blueberries :: La Panzanella crackers :: laughing cow cheese

b:  steel-cut oats with apples and pecans :: almond milk or orange juice
l:   Twin Sun Toast :: Skywalker Smoothies
d:  Boba-Fett-uccine

snacks & desserts:  popcorn :: The Force Fruit Fun -drizzled honey in place of sugar

b:  cream of wheat with milk and honey
l:   strawberry salad (recipe to come) :: toast :: ice water
d:  C-3PO Pancakes :: sausage :: orange juice

snacks & desserts:  raw vegies and dip :: Mos Eisley Morsels -It's like banana bread without sugar.

b:  hot cracked wheat cereal :: grapefruit
l:   leftovers day
d:  leftovers day

snacks & desserts: leftovers or whatever we can scrounge up in the cupboards/pantry

b:  Awful Waffles (recipe to come) :: fresh fruit :: almond milk
l:   Vietnamese Lettuce Rolls :: vegetable fried rice
d:  Tandoori Chicken :: Cauliflower and Pea Curry (I don't think anyone will like it, but we are going to try it!) :: naan

snacks & desserts:  raisins :: marshmallows :: popcorn :: creme brulee for the grownups after bedtime!

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