Monday, January 17, 2011

mpm: week of January 17th

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B:   cold cereal :: milk
L:   parfaits :: toast
D:  Southwestern Grilled Chicken with Lime Butter (this is a family fave we've been making for years) :: couscous :: asparagus

snacks & desserts: apple slices and celery sticks with almond butter :: marshmallow popcorn

B:  almond & cranberry oatmeal :: almond milk
L:  yogurt with strawberries and blackberries mixed in :: cornbread muffins
D:  Cool Taco Salad (Eating For Life Recipe)

snacks & desserts:  carrots (Bugs Bunny style) :: popcorn :: homemade baked donuts

B:   cold cereal :: milk
L:   pb & j sandwiches :: apple slices
D:  Vietnamese Lettuce Rolls (recipe to come) :: chow mein

snacks & desserts:  popcorn :: smoothies

L:  crackers & cheese :: celery sticks w/ almond butter :: berries
D:  BBQ Chicken salad (recipe still to come)

snacks & desserts:  toast with jam :: pani popo

B:  grapefruit :: avocado on toast
L:  pb & j sandwiches :: apples :: almond milk
D:  pizza night :: salad with tomatoes

snacks & desserts:  popcorn :: banana ice cream (frozen bananas-recipe to come)

B:   oatmeal (maple & brown sugar)
L:   leftovers
D:  weekly leftovers

snacks & desserts:  no bake no bakes (recipe to come) Carrot-Orange Ice Cream (recipe to come)

B:   cream of wheat :: orange juice
L:   twin sun toast :: strawberries
D:  breakfast for dinner (brinner) :: Sour Cream Pancakes :: sausage

snacks & desserts:  vegies & ranch dip :: creme brulee


Simply Complicated said...

avacado on toast (esp homemade) is my very favorite breakfast EVER!!! Mmmm :-)

Handcuffed Heart said...

Can you clarify.... do you do anything special to make marshmallo popcorn?