Thursday, March 5, 2009

behind the name

image taken from cakewrecks

I love cake wrecks. If you haven't browsed through this website, you really should.

I've been planning HF's graduation party and I remembered seeing this cake a few weeks ago. Hilarious. I think it was a groom's cake, but wouldn't this be an awesome graduation cake? I'll probably just stick to the original idea. The badge-shaped cake.

I know that cops are given a hard time about liking donuts, but really, who doesn't like donuts? I just so happen to love them. Especially when I'm pregnant. Unfortunately, I crave donuts like no other. HF loves donuts too. In fact, one night while the kids were sleeping, we got one of each kind of donut sold at Krispy Kreme. We cut each one in half and held our own taste test. Pretty pathetic, but we had fun even though we felt like throwing up after a few and our mouths felt numb, and I got dizzy from the sugar rush. Anyway, I love making and eating donuts. Mom and Pop donut shops are the best.

So that's sort of why my food blog says, "feeding and nurturing my family one meal at a time and trying to lay off the donuts". I really am trying to lay off the donuts, but it's hard because they taste so good!

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kd said...

I love cake wrecks too!!