Friday, May 14, 2010

bento #61

Sometimes I like to keep things traditional, you know? This is breaded teriyaki chicken, noodles with green beans, cabbage, and carrots, and 2 little onigiri (no filling and no seaweed, just a little basting of teriyaki on the outside. They are triangle shaped). A little apricot in the upper right for dessert. Daisy loved this bento. I was amazed at how much food I could fit in this thing by the way. I'm using the red dragonfly box seen here. This is the first bento book I ever bought. I love it. It is very traditional and simple. And Daisy doens't mind eating things room temperature.

KD you wanted to know how to keep the yogurt and applesauce from leaking in the laptop lunchbox post I did. Well, that set comes with 2 lids for 2 of the containers. In the other boxes, you can put a little bento accessory on top which is like a credit card sized piece of plastic that rests on top to contain it (Sorry can't think of what they are called at the moment). But, mostly I find that the lids press down right on top of the food and it only gets on the lid of the container and not anywhere else.


Handcuffed Heart said...

ah ha! good to know.

Sue said...

ummm... recipe??? looks GOOD and I love your sweet and sour chicken. (BETTER THAN RESTARAUNTS!)

i've been gone lately, so i'm going through posts i've missed. if its there, please forgive.