Monday, May 24, 2010

menu plan monday :: week of May 24th

I am planning all 3 meals this week. For more menu inspiration go to mpm at orgjunkie.

B:  oatmeal and apple muffins
L:  take and bake pizza from Costco ($6.99 right now) :: apricots :: veggie chips
D:  weekend leftovers

B:  steel-cut oats with apples and pecans (Jillian Michaels recipe. Love this!)
L:  a variation of pioneer woman's vegie sandwiches :: yogurt :: apple slices
D:  Fajitas

B:  chocolate muffins
L:  rosemary cracker bread :: swiss cheese :: apples :: yogurt
D:  cool taco salad

B:  avocado on toast :: grapefruit
L:  BLTs with avocado on wheat
D:  breakfast for dinner :: pancakes with apricot preserves :: fresh-squeezed orange juice

B:  Greek Yogurt Cup with Quinoa Crunch and Berries (another Jillian Michaels recipe)
L:  barbecue at the park :: spinach and pasta salad with grilled chicken :: watermelon :: hamburgers/hotdogs
D:  pizza night (individual pita pizzas :: everyone creates their own with assorted toppings)

B:  cold cereal :: oranges (going to farmer's market)
L:  smorgasbord of leftovers
D:  eating out with BIL & SIL

B:  french toast :: fresh-squeezed orange juice
L:  smorgasbord of leftovers (Whatever is in the fridge and cupboards thrown together)
D:  Chipotle Chicken with Avocado Sandwiches (our favorite sandwich)

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KD said...

12:25 am?? You are not supposed to be up this late! thanks for the post :)