Monday, June 21, 2010

lime cream slush

So I was totally sucked in by Sonic's 1/2 price drinks during happy hour. There are only two things that I really love there. The Cranberry Limeade and the Lime Cream Slush. But, since I am married to "Dave Ramsey", I had to nix the happy hour escpades. Well, whaddya know. I figured out how to make me a home made lime cream slush and cranberry limeade. It definitely goes in the dessert category for me, but it tastes so good during these hot summer days, that I want it all the time.

The quantities aren't exact, but for one serving, I did the following:

1 cup vanilla frozen yogurt (I think this would work with any kind of vanilla ice cream or ice cream substitiute)
1/2 cup limeade (I used simply limeade)
1/2 cup ice pellets

Blend together until slushy, adding more ice or limeade to taste. I thought it was an exact copy of Sonic's Lime Cream Slush.


Jessica said...

AMAZING!!!!! I'm a sucker for the Lime Cream Slushies at Sonic BUT I too have got to watch the I tried this tonight and it tastes almost identical! Thank you so much for this info. I used Breyers Natural Vanilla and then made my own limeade. This will be our staple in our home for sure!

Anonymous said...

I see this an old blog but I was wondering what size cream slush this makes.

Anonymous said...

This filled a 12 oz. Glass 3/4 full. You can adjust the quantities to make more or less.