Friday, August 27, 2010

back to school bentos! (#s 81-87)

For the life of me I could not get this picture to upload in the right direction so turn your heads to the left. This is in the laptop lunchbox. It is seven-layer dip, tortilla chips, cantaloupe chunks, and some cinnamon goldfish.
In the sassy baby mealtime box: whole wheat bread with local honey, baby carrots, cinnamon goldfish, and cantaloupe. This bento was for the 4 year old at home.
In the sassy box again: grapes, chocolate goldfish, deli turkey rolls, vegie straws. (I get a box at Costco that are in snack size bags). This bento was also for the 4 year old.
In the dino dips container: green grapes, cinnammon goldfish, cheddar cheese chunks, turkey, and edamame.
These two twin ones turned out so pretty I think: They are both identical just different color boxes: frozen blueberries, cherry tomatoes from our garden, chicken sausage with apple and gouda cheese, vegie chips.
cantaloupe, yogurt, cherry tomatoes from the garden, and 2 small slices of thin crust cheese pizza.


Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,
These really are beautiful. I particularly like the way you have the cheese marching around the dinosaurs.

I haven't tried frozen blueberries! That's a good one! And you are right about the colors: they have two totally different looks!

Another great inspiration,
Ann T.

Susan said...

Hello Mrs. Fuzz! I saw this at "My Food Looks Funny" and immediately thought of you... ;-)