Monday, August 9, 2010

mpm: week of August 9th

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Apricot Chicken :: broccoli :: rice

spinach and pesto lasagna :: crusty garlic bread

brinner: Fly off the Plate Pancakes :: sausage :: fruit

tamales (except not in the crockpot this time) :: cold vegies and melon from our garden

pizza night :: Papa Murphy's

leftovers day

slow cooked pork roast :: salad with garden vegetables :: mashed potatoes


Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,
That pork roast sounds great. Be right over! do you have any cookies left???

Seriously, I may have to cook one of those roasts.

Have a great week!
Ann T.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...i'm obsessed with your bentos!!! i'm dying to pack them for my son lunch but he has to be the pickiest eater on earth...stop by my blog and say hi

mrs. fuzz said...

Ann- those cookies were gone in one day! I hope you have a great week too and wouldn't that be fun if you could just pop over for a roast?!

Gina- thanks for visiting! I'll stop by and visit you for sure.