Monday, September 13, 2010

mpm: week of September 13th

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b:  cold cereal :: orange juice
l:   pasta with garlic and parmesan :: peas :: apples

snacks & treats:  popcorn :: watermelon slushies

l:   pb & honey sandwiches :: carrot sticks with ranch
d:  BBQ chicken salad

snacks & treats:  apples and cheese

b:  cold cereal & almond milk
l:   apples :: carrots :: cheese :: pretzels
d:  eat out

snacks & treats: watermelon slushies :: popcorn

b:  cold cereal :: almond milk
l:   spring mix salad with garden vegies :: bananas

snacks & treats:  crackers :: laughing cow cheese

b:  cold cereal :: almond milk
l:   avocado on toast :: mixed fruit
d:  pizza night :: raw vegies :: ranch dip

snacks & treats:  apples :: peanut butter

b:  cold cereal :: almond milk
l:   tamales from the farmer's market :: salsa :: apple slices
d:  leftovers

snacks & treats:  Oatmeal Squares cereal :: bananas

b:  cold cereal :: milk
l:   pb & apricot jam sandwiches :: vegie chips :: orange juice
d:  fajitas

snacks & treats:  cheesecake :: yogurt :: granola

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