Monday, October 4, 2010

mpm: week of October 4th

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B:   fruit and yogurt parfaits (recipe to come)
L:   choco-nana shakes :: toast with honey
D:   hootenanny pancakes :: popeye smoothies

B:   oatmeal :: orange juice
L:   snack platter:  crackers :: cheese :: apples :: almond milk
D:   nachos (recipe to come)

B:   steel-cut oats with apples and pecans
L:   chips and guacamole :: small salad with garden veggies
D:   Pesto-chicken Italiano

B:   oatmeal :: orange juice
L:   pb&j sandwiches :: kiwi fruit :: almond milk
D:   grilled chicken :: spring mix salad with poppy seed dressing

B:   fruit and yogurt parfaits
L:   nachos
D:   pizza night :: Pioneer Woman's Tomato-Basil Pizza

B:   muffins :: orange juice
L:   Pioneer Woman's veggie and cheese bagel
D:   eat out

B:   cold ceral and milk
L:   trail mix :: apple slices :: turkey slices
D:   fajitas :: homeade refried beans (recipe to come) :: mexican rice

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